Illuminated LED Mirror For Bathroom

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Room type Bathroom
Shape Rectangular
Product dimensions 60L x 80W centimetres
Style Modern


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Illuminated LED Mirror For Bathroom

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

  • Illuminated Anti-fog bathroom LED Mirror . Light up your looks with this stylish LED mirror! Sleek contemporary design combines with high-tech features to shake up your interior style as well as your morning routine. LED mirror bathroom has a touch-sensitive on/off switch and easy-to-install mains connection. This LED mirror is not battery-operated.
  • ✔INDUSTRY-LEADING PROTECTION. Bathroom led mirror with lights IP44 standard outperforms the competition. Features enhanced waterproof, dust-proof and anti-fog properties for a clear, mist-free surface no matter how steamy your room gets.
  • ✔ENERGY-SAVING & SPACE-SAVING – The LED lights are ultra-bright but economical and eco-conscious. Bathroom mirror with led lights design maintains a minimalist look in your bathroom, creating the illusion of space.
  • ✔MULTIPLE BENEFITS FROM ONE PRODUCT – This is a LED mirror, a light source, a clever way to enhance a small room and a chic bathroom accessory all-in-one! LED bathroom mirror makes shaving, hair styling, makeup application and other personal care tasks so much easier.
  • ✔REFUND/REPLACEMENT – Full refund or replacement for bathroom mirror with light damaged on arrival, no need to return, simply send us some pictures through Amazon Message to show if damaged mirror, front and the back views of the outer box also with label information.
Led Mirrors
Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

Transform Your Space: Backlit LED Mirrors for a Serene Bathroom Ambiance

Backlit LED mirror are great for bathrooms because they create a soft, relaxing halo of light around the mirror. We have many styles and sizes to help you create a calm and peaceful bathroom environment. The bright illumination adds depth to your space and makes it feel bigger. Meanwhile, the LEDs designed in such a way as to enhance natural light but not create shadows, making them excellent for routine tasks.

LED Mirror

TOUCH CONTROL – Modernity in the LED Mirror

Single Button Touch Controll System

Our LED mirror has many features that will revolutionize your reflection experience, adding convenience and elegance to your daily routines.

The LED mirror design has stiffened touch controls that fit in perfectly, keeping the mirror’s look sleek and modern. You can effortlessly turn the LED lights on and off with a touch. The brightness of the LED lights should fit your needs and create an environment accordingly.

As you can see, backlit mirrors possess many characteristics that can truly transform your bathroom, so why not add one to yours?

Contemporary Design

  • Waterproof and IP65-rated for safe use in bathrooms
  • Dimmable Light with 3 Light Intensities
  • 5 mm Tick Float Glass with 8 Layer of Funtional Protection
  • 1 Touch Button n the Glass (on/off)
  • 1 Light Colour
  • No Battery Storage
Layers RS

Maximum Protection with Compact Size – Composed of 8 Layers of Materials

Our LED mirror is defined by a fusion of eight layers. All layers molded in such a way as to produce a fine product. The first external layer made of 5mm glass to ensure durability. A crystal-clear image produced because a silver layer is adhered to the glass to produce a clear image. To further refine the image, copper coatings support the silver layers and enhance the reflective properties.

To ensure the longevity of our mirror, a protective coating meticulously applied, acting as a shield against potential damage. Additionally, an anti-fog dry layer ensures a consistently clear view, even in high-humidity environments. The frame of the mirror made up of PVC, which provides support for the mirror structure. To create a smooth halo of light around the mirror, an LED waterproof strip is integrated into it, which meets the IP65 standards, providing protection against moisture and ensuring the longevity of the LED light.

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

LED Mirror

Secure Packaging

We believe that presentation and durability are essential; therefore, our packaging is as exceptional as the mirror. Our LED mirror is packaged in high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection during shipping and to allow an easy and simple unboxing process to access your mirror with convenience.Contemporary Design

  • Shock Absorbing Outer PVC Frame
  • Packing Aceessories Included.

Anti-Fog Functionality

A Clear Reflection Every Time

Our LED mirror has an advanced anti-fog feature that makes sure the reflection is clear in the steamiest environment. Your reflection will be clear as soon as you turn on the demister, so you do not need to invest time cleaning the mirror.

  • Quick and secure wall mounting
  • Scratch-resistant mirror surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • High-quality LED strips
  • Slim and sleek design
Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

Anti Fog Bathroom LED Mirror

LED Mirror

LED mirrors are long-lasting and cost-effective. Our mirror’s durability minimizes maintenance, providing a long-term cost-saving solution. You are not required to wait for the light to warm up. It saves energy by emitting the most light as soon as it is turned on.

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